With changes to international and domestic financial reporting standards, companies are looking at significant changes not only to their accounting policies but also their operation models to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.

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Crypto Accounting Advisory Service

Our team can help you explore appropriate accounting treatment for accounting for holdings in cryptocurrencies, issuance of cryptocurrencies and other crypto/blockchain related accounting issues.

Expected Credit Loss

Our team of ECL modelling specialists combine help clients implement provisioning methodology and processes which are right for them.

What we do

Our team supports organisations understand and apply complex accounting rules and standards. We help organisations make informed decisions, improve the quality of their financial reporting, and ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

Some of the key areas where our services can be valuable include:

  • Accounting standards: Providing guidance on the interpretation and application of financial reporting standards, such as SFRS (or IFRS)
  • Complex transactions: Advising on the accounting treatment of complex transactions, such as business combinations, joint ventures, and debt and equity instruments.
  • Revenue recognition: Providing guidance on revenue recognition policies and accounting for revenue under various revenue recognition models.
  • Lease accounting: Advising on the accounting for leases, including the transition to the new lease accounting standard.
  • Stock-based compensation: Providing guidance on the accounting for stock-based compensation, including the impact of equity awards on financial statements.
  • Business combinations: Advising on the accounting for mergers and acquisitions, including purchase price allocation and post-acquisition integration.

On-call accounting advisory

With major changes to accounting standards for Revenue recognition, Financial instruments, and Leases, in recent years the accounting rules have become complex. With increased complexity companies need to ensure new contracts and transactions are assessed for compliance with accounting standards.

Reach out for a call if you would like support in areas such as:

  • Review of existing contracts to identify impact under new guidance.
  • Suggestions on accounting treatment and appropriate journal entries in various scenarios.
  • Perform computations for transition adjustments.
  • Prepare excel templates for computation of transition adjustments.
  • Suggestions on disclosures under new standard.
  • Training of finance and other team on the new standard and how it may impact the Company.
Chetan Hans
Partner – Head of CFO services
Chetan Hans