Working flexibly: Balancing work, clients and family life

To flourish, our people need the freedom to balance their day-to-day lives with their work. This is why we’ve set out to create inclusive and flexible policies and practices for you to accommodate all your responsibilities and needs: children, family and beyond.

Our policies and practices around flexible working:

Flexible Working

The time you spend outside of work helps shape what you can bring to our firm. We value the commitments you may have outside of work and to demonstrate this, our people are able to request a flexible working arrangement under our flexible working policy.

Our flexible working policy is a testament to our dedication to putting our people first and making sure they are able to enjoy healthy, balanced lives. The policy allows our people flexibility around the times they start and finish work and the location they work from. This extra time allows employees to bring their whole selves to work, making them even more effective and focused when serving clients.

Our stories:

“I was part of the firm’s flexible working pilot group. This arrangement allowed me to carry out my work at any location away from the office. As a new mother, being able to work from home has also helped integrate me back into the workforce as a working mother.

The arrangement helped me to be more productive as I find it easier to work from the comfort of my own home. In addition, the time travel to and from the office is approximately an hour and a half – being able to work from home and saving the traveling time has allowed me to be more rested and thus, able to get my work done more efficiently.

There were also times when I had family exigencies such as a sick child to attend to. Flexible working is important as it ensures that I can be there for my child when he’s ill and whilst time permits, when he’s asleep, I am still able to work and contribute as an employee to the firm.

I am glad that our firm has implemented this scheme. Not only does it show that our firm values work-life balance, but it also reflects the trust the firm has in its people.”

a Tax Senior Associate