The laws surrounding transfer pricing are becoming complex as the tax affairs of multinational companies face greater scrutiny.

Our team advises clients with regards their transfer pricing matters on an end to end basis including designing of operating structures, determination of pricing policies, assistance with statutory compliances and assisting with defence before tax authorities.

  • Unlocking value in your operating model
  • Data-driven approach
  • Taking best practices from around the world
  • Unlocking value in your operating model
    Unlocking value in your operating model
    Multi-national enterprises can unlock value from a well-designed operating model. From becoming more tax-efficient to mitigating risk, experienced transfer pricing professionals can help you find commercially-viable solutions to find hidden value.
  • Data-driven approach
    Data-driven approach
    Whether it's economic or business data, we know that this information can make or break any implementation. That's why we are focused on making sure our recommendations are based on data-derived insights.
  • Taking best practices from around the world
    Taking best practices from around the world
    We know an operating or pricing model will look very different based on the countries the company operates in, the industry and the business model. A globally experienced team will understand how you work and recommend what's best for you.

How we help

Optimise shareholder value through tailor made solutions

When an international business grows or restructures, there is an opportunity to optimise your business and minimise your tax burdens by reviewing current processes. 

We can help to

  • Design your operating models
  • Design transfer pricing policies and inter-company pricing arrangements
  • Carry out transfer pricing health checks to identify risks as well as profit optimisation opportunities
  • Restructure your existing business model to build tax/ commercial efficiencies
  • Restructure your supply chain
Stand up to scrutiny

We use local knowledge to prepare specific documentation to satisfy tax regulations. 

We can help with the preparation and maintenance of:

  • Transfer pricing defence documentation
  • Multi-jurisdictional documentation studies
  • Master file and Country-by-Country Reports
Build a defense when disputes arise

We assist in defending transfer pricing positions undertaken by taxpayers in audit situations as well as proactively. 

We can help:

  • Draft technically sound responses to queries raised by revenue authorities as well as representation on transfer pricing related matters
  • Proactive dispute resolution through the unilateral/ bi-lateral / multilateral Advance Pricing Arrangements route
  • Manage dispute resolution through the Mutual Agreement procedures process

Why Grant Thornton

A brighter tomorrow starts with a clear eye on the horizon and compass to guide you. Which is why we match proactive insights to practical applications - all aimed at bringing you the best solutions. 

  • An experienced team
  • Dedicated service
  • Best of local and global insights
  • An experienced team
    An experienced team
    Our team has experience advising multinational clients across different industries and can provide solutions that make sense for your business.
  • Dedicated service
    Dedicated service
    From partner to staff, each member of the team is committed to delivering quality service and ensuring that your business objectives are met.
  • Best of local and global insights
    Best of local and global insights
    Bringing finely tuned local knowledge together with global expertise from over 130 countries in the Grant Thornton network, we help you see the bigger picture so that you can make your next move with confidence.
Case study

An efficiently designed transfer pricing model based on data

A multinational technology start-up was able to drive efficiency through changing their operating model, addressing risks in their transfer pricing model, relook their long-term pricing structure.

Case study

Refined pricing arrangements to support transfer pricing defense

A large technology company refined their arm’s length pricing arrangements to address operating losses. This also enabled the individual members to have a more robust transfer pricing defense in their respective jurisdiction.