About the ARC Framework

The ARC Framework, designed by NTUC, allows NTUC's network of companies to tap on resources that can help them on their sustainability journey. 

Backed by the CTC Grant, businesses can tap on the ARC Framework to gain access to sustainability by transforming business processes, redefining job roles for workers, and enhancing productivity. Companies can leverage this grant to drive workforce and enterprise transformation.

Source: NTUC

We are working with NTUC to support companies in their sustainability journey and facilitate upskilling for our workers in the green economy.

For organisations at all stages of the sustainability journey

  • For organisations at all stages of the sustainability journey

    Sustainability Learner

    For firms just starting out in sustainability (Sustainability Learner), the ARC Framework aims to help them create internal awareness and build sustainability champions to drive sustainability strategy and initiatives from within.

     Sustainability Learner companies can also utilise Grant Thornton’s complimentary diagnostic assessment tool to identify areas for improvement in building a more sustainable company. Additionally, companies can benefit from Grant Thornton’s complimentary Lunch and Learn sessions to gain an understanding of sustainability and its significance for their business.

  • For organisations at all stages of the sustainability journey

    Sustainability Ready

    For firms that have already embarked on their sustainability journeys (Sustainability Ready), the ARC framework focuses on providing preliminary sustainability solution starter kits. 

    These starter kits offer end-to-end solutions that enable companies to identify their key ESG issues, develop a strategy for greater sustainability, implement actionable strategies, and track the effectiveness of their initiatives through Sustainability Reports. 

    The starter kits allow companies to tailor their solutions to fit their operations and budgets appropriately. Sustainability Ready firms can also take advantage of existing capacity-building and training solutions within the ARC Framework to continuously strengthen their sustainability capabilities.

  • For organisations at all stages of the sustainability journey

    Sustainability Champion

    These companies typically set industry-leading standards for sustainability and exceed regulatory requirements. While Sustainability Champions are usually well-developed in their ESG capacities and capabilities, the ARC Framework leverages their expertise to lead their communities towards greater sustainability.

    Additionally, Sustainability Champions can utilise the ARC Framework for solutions that can be integrated with their vendors, fostering a more cohesive and comprehensive sustainability experience.

How we can help

We offer services that can support businesses of all sizes and at any stage of their journey.


Potential funding support and grants

You may be eligible for grants by NTUC to support your sustainability journey. 

Our team are familiar with the NTUC grants and their requirements, and we can help you plan and embark on ESG projects to help you meet grant requirements.