People are often the most important asset of a business and they are becoming more and more mobile, leading to more reporting complexities.

Our Employer Solutions team works with a range of dynamic businesses to ensure that they are and remain compliant in Singapore as well as globally as a result of their employees' movements. This ranges from running local payroll, to implementing a global equity reward scheme to advising you on the structure of your employees’ cross-border travel.

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Our team can handle your payroll processing needs to help you reduce cost and saves time so that you can focus on your core competencies

How we help

Global Mobility Services for the organisation -

  • Strategic assignment planning including assignment policy development, including equalisation, protection and ‘host plus’
  • Budgeting and cost management
  • Global tax compliance and advisory services for your people

Global Mobility Services for your people -

  • Arrival and departure tax briefings and compliance
  • Coordinated global tax preparation and global consulting services including assessments, audits and notices
  • Tax equalisation and protection reconciliation

Equity schemes and long-term incentive plans (LTIP)

  • Guiding you through different LTIPs such as Stock Options, Restricted Shares, Restricted Stock Units, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, phantom plans (such as Stock Appreciation Rights)
  • Assistance with the implementation of LTIPs
  • Tax and Social Security compliance and advisory
  • Assisting with tax aspects of the documentation

Employment tax services - guiding you on your tax, Central Provident Fund contributions and other compliance obligations for your people, consultants and directors

Payroll services


A compliant global mobility programme that engaged employees

A British-based company was able to move to a tax equalised programme and manage their tax exposure so that they would be compliant with global rules.

case study

A coordinated roll-out for an Employee Stock Purchase Plan

With detailed evaluation and consideration for both employer and employees, the firm successfully introduced an Employee Stock Purchase Plan for Singapore employees.

Why Grant Thornton

Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our Singapore team as well as our global network of professionals, we will work with you to deliver insightful personalised solutions that deliver tax efficiencies, ensure global compliance and manage costs.

  • Best of local and global insights
  • Solutions that address your needs
  • An experienced team
  • Best of local and global insights
    Best of local and global insights
    Bringing finely tuned local knowledge together with global expertise from over 130 countries in the Grant Thornton network, we help you see the bigger picture so that you can make your next move with confidence.
  • Solutions that address your needs
    Solutions that address your needs
    We know every business is different. Our team delivers tailored solutions so that you get what’s right for your business, not just a “cut and paste” solution.
  • An experienced team
    An experienced team
    Our team has experience advising multinational clients across different industries and can provide solutions that make sense for your business.
Adrian Sham
Partner - Employer Solutions and Private Clients
Adrian Sham

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