Navigating year-end payroll reporting remains tricky, especially in the constantly changing compensation landscape. There are still intricate sections of Singapore's income tax form that remain challenging.

In this webinar, Ruiyuan Tan and Stefanie Leow of our Employer Solutions team unravel the challenging areas of the Form IR8, applicable to both your local and expat employees, and share best practices that you can adopt.

Staying abreast of changes in late 2023, the webinar also serves to remind participants of the various CPF changes and the unique impact on employers. The session aims to provide HR teams with knowledge and insights of annual reporting requirements.

Key discussion areas:

  • Year end payroll reporting requirements (AIS/Form IR8)
  • Potential errors when completing the tax forms
  • Overview of changes to CPF in 2023, the unique impact to employers, and what you need to do about it
Employer reporting requirements for the year end webinar

Grant Thornton
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Employer reporting requirements for the year end (11 January 2024)