Despite organisations having reporting employment income for a long time, in recent years, organisations are facing greater difficulties in this area.

The shift in the way employees are being remunerated and the increasingly complex employment structures has brought about different challenges for Human Resource (HR) and Finance teams looking at employment income reporting.

Given the fast-changing landscape, more controversial situations have arisen. In this webinar, Adrian Sham and Ruiyuan Tan of our Employer Solutions team covered the top 5 areas of contention that organisations face in payroll reporting and the considerations to manage them.  

The team shared common mistakes that we see in payroll reporting, focusing on the following areas:

  • Year End payroll reporting requirements (AIS/ Form IR8)
  • Remote workers in the Covid era
  • CPF and social security
  • Fringe benefits reporting

Please note that there are no recordings for the breakout sessions.

Back to basics year end employer reporting webinar

Grant Thornton
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Back to basics: Year end employer reporting (24 November 2022)