Thursday, 27 August 2020 - 10.00 am 

Webinar overview

  • Recap on partial exemption (the building block for understanding the GST reverse charge):
    • what is partial exemption
    • de minimis test
    • applicability and impact of regulation 33, 34 and 35
    • apportionment, calculation and longer periods
  • GST Reverse Charge:
    • who will be affected by the reverse charge and its implications
    • the value and calculation of the reverse charge
    • when to apply the reverse charge
    • preparing for the reporting obligations under reverse charge

Intended for:

    • Finance and tax professionals who are involved in GST compliance work;
    • Business owners and senior management who like to understand and assess the impact of the recent GST rule on their businesses or
    • Professionals looking to increase and expand their GST knowledge.

Watch the webinar recording and get the slides here

Jeremy O'Neill Jeremy heads up the indirect Tax service line of the practice. Jeremy was a part of Grant Thornton’s implementation team during the introduction of Value-Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) in 2017/2018 and during the course of his career with Grant Thornton has lived in and advised clients on indirect tax matters in UK, UAE and now Singapore.

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