Past Event: Tuesday, August 17, 2021

As the hype continues with working from anywhere – is this really a new concept? How much does it really take to allow your employees to work from anywhere? It may take more than you think.

This webinar will take a look at working internationally from the employment income tax and global mobility perspectives, following on from part 1 of the 'Working Internationally' webinar series, where we explored Corporate Tax considerations such as Permanent Establishments.

Join our experts as they walk through common challenges and discuss pragmatic solutions and common practices.


  • Common challenges of managing remote workers
  • Case studies
  • Key considerations when you have remote workers
  • Our take on future of remote working


Watch the recording and get the slides of our two-part series here


Adrian Sham
Partner - Employer Solutions & Private Clients

Adrian has 18 years of experience as a tax advisor focusing on advising companies, private clients and their families in Singapore on their tax structure and compliance requirements.

Ruiyuan Tan
Associate Director - Employer Solutions & Private Clients

Ruiyuan has 16 years of experience in professional services firms and as an in-house advisor providing compliance and advisory services in the areas of individual income tax and employment tax in Singapore.