We take immense pride in our unique corporate culture, which is defined by our core CLEARR values. These values underpin how we do business – they are embedded throughout our business and set the parameters of how we expect people to behave with their colleagues, clients and the world at large.

Our CLEARR values

  • Our CLEARR values


    Ask for help, give help

    We work well together

  • Our CLEARR values


    Have courage and inspire others

    We challenge each other to be the best we can be

  • Our CLEARR values


    Find a better way every time

    We never get complacent

  • Our CLEARR values


    Think broadly, act quickly

    We thrive in change

  • Our CLEARR values


    Listen and understand, be forthright

    We create honest relationships


  • Our CLEARR values


    Use influence wisely

    We own our actions


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