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Forensic advisory

We provide forensic lens to help clients navigate through integrity risks

In today’s complex and global business environment, businesses can be faced with unethical conduct posed by internal or external threats. Our team members have dedicated their careers to support clients in helping them navigate and traverse these difficult terrains fraught with integrity risks.

We employ forensically sound methods to gather and preserve evidence and assist clients to establish facts to respond to allegations of fraud, bribery, misconducts as well as inquiries posed by regulators and/or authorities. We provide an integrated approach in assisting clients to address their concerns, encompassing initial evidence gathering or early case assessment, a phased-approach in investigation process and provision of fact-based reports, or the delivery of expert evidence. Where required, we can bring in support from our asset recovery teams.

We also advise clients in setting up a robust programme and framework to prevent and detect fraud and bribery as we provide tailored recommendations to suit their business landscapes.


The value of forensic accountants in investigations

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Our clients choose Grant Thornton because:

  • We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to working with our clients’ internal teams, their wider stakeholders and external advisers. We have 800 specialised forensic professionals in 37 territories, and we are able to leverage the knowledge, skillsets and expertise of our global network which consists of more than 56,000 professionals in 140 countries.
  • We have market leading teams in a number of the key offshore financial centres. In combination with our broader international presence, this allows us to advise on situations involving the most complicated group structures.
  • Grant Thornton’s global investigations practice has been selected for the Global Investigations Review 2019 GIR100, which includes a showcase of the top investigation consultancies and global accountancy networks.

Our solutions

Our dedicated team offers specialist solutions in the following areas:

  • Forensic investigation: independent and targeted inquiries into large and complex assignments covering fraud and asset dissipation, bribery and corruption, special audit, and the right of audit.
  • Disputes advisory: expert witness services including acting as party-appointed experts supporting claimants or respondents.
  • Digital forensics: collect, preserve, image, process and review electronically stored information (ESI) including employing data analytics to sieve and analyse large data.
  • Anti-financial crime advisory/ Corporate compliance: we provide assessment and advise clients on the design of their compliance programmes by performing current state assessment and gap analysis against international standards and best practices.
  • Corporate intelligence: we perform researches to understand prospective business partners or targets using desktop research including specialist databases and/or human intelligence.
  • Cybersecurity: respond to cyber incidents through collection of data logs and forensic imaging of impacted systems. We assist clients in effecting a mitigation strategy and recovery protocol, reviewing and reporting on root cause of the incident and providing recommendations for improvements.