Past Event: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

With the rate of GST going up to 9% from 2024 and the increasing focus on tax governance and risk management by the IRAS, businesses cannot afford to be complacent with their GST reporting obligations. Other than understanding the practical application of the GST rules, recognising the common risks and errors in the GST returns can also be a quick way to ensuring that the business finds solutions to remain compliant in its GST reporting. 

Join us in our seminar as we discuss the common GST risks that lie within the business, how businesses are selected for IRAS audits, and how you can address the GST risks and correct past errors. 

Key topics: 

  • Trigger points for IRAS GST audits
  • Common risks and errors in the GST returns
  • Penalties for incorrect GST reporting
  • Managing the GST audit process
  • Voluntary Disclosure Programme
  • Correcting past errors in the GST returns
  • Building a tax control framework for GST reporting

Refreshments will be provided. All food items arranged by The Westin will contain no pork or lard.



General public rate: $170

Client rate: $120

For Grant Thornton clients, please reach out to your Grant Thornton contact or email for a promo code to enjoy the discounted rate.


More about the GST seminar

You will be given the option to receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the session.

If you are keen to conduct in-house training for your team on this topic, or on any other topics that may be of interest, or would like to explore other GST issues, please reach out to our GST Partner, Soo How, at 

Feel free to reach out to if you have any other questions.


Koh Soo How
Partner - Indirect Tax

Soo How leads Grant Thornton Singapore’s GST practice and has comprehensive knowledge and experience in indirect tax. He started his career in indirect tax with the IRAS as a senior member of the core team that introduced the GST in Singapore in 1994.

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