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Welcome to our China Desk

Growing a business beyond your country’s borders requires thorough research, preparation and knowledge and impeccable execution.

Our Singapore - China desk works closely with Grant Thornton in China to support Chinese companies considering investment in Singapore or Singaporean companies looking to enter the Chinese marketplace.

Through our dedicated team of bilingual specialists and the global Grant Thornton network we support Singaporean companies in China and Chinese companies in Singapore.

With our rich industry knowledge, experience in tax, audit and advisory services we offer a solid professional expertise. 
If you are looking to invest, import or do business, we can help to navigate the challenges faced when operating in Singapore or China and help you to succeed.

How we work with you

Whether you are a Chinese organisation considering investment in Singapore or a Singaporean organisation looking to enter the Chinese marketplace, our team can help you seize the opportunity.

Professional expertise

We offer a broad range of services including accounting, tax, auditing, and advisory services.

We are familiar with the Singaporean accounting standards, the Chinese accounting standard CAS, the international accounting standard IAS/IFRS and the American accounting standard US GAAP. We are experienced in conversion between Singaporean accounting standards and Chinese accounting standards. We also have extensive outbound investment experience in assisting Chinese clients to enter the Singaporean market.

Multi-lingual teams

Our team consists of native Chinese speaking and native English speaking professionals. We have solid professional knowledge and excellent cultural understanding to support both Chinese and Singaporean companies in the language of their choice.


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