Webinar: Demystifying transfer pricing

29 April 2021

This webinar will help you understand transfer pricing concepts introduced by the IRAS whilst also explaining its impact from corporate tax, personal income tax and GST perspectives.

Singapore introduced its first transfer pricing e-Tax Guide in 2006. Over the next few years, the IRAS amended this e-Tax Guide from time to time to provide additional guidance on specific matters.

However, the most significant developments on transfer pricing matters recently took place in 2018 when the concept of contemporaneous documentation was introduced along with detailed guidelines on the contents and form of documentation to be maintained by companies. Since then, the IRAS has issued various e-Tax Guides to clarify several transfer pricing matters and align Singapore’s stand with global developments.
In this webinar, our transfer pricing specialist will take you through the journey of transfer pricing from 2018 to date, by providing an update on the various e-Tax Guides issued by the IRAS. Since transfer pricing is merely a valuation mechanism, our specialists will also explain its impact from tax perspectives.

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