In order to flourish, our people need the freedom to balance their day-to-day lives with their work. This is why we’ve set out to create inclusive and flexible policies and practices for you to accommodate all your responsibilities and needs: children, family and beyond.

From how you work, to how you dress, and even where you are, our teams have the flexibility to make decisions on what works best in each circumstance.

Flexible work

We value the commitments you may have outside of work because we know that the time you spend outside of work helps shape what you can bring to our firm.

Our people have the space to decide how and where they work. Within your teams, you are encouraged to find the best ways to collaborate and meet your responsibilities so that you can deliver your best work.

Dress for your diary

Our dress for your diary policy allows you to choose how you’ll dress based on who you’re meeting and what you have on that day. That means less time worrying about what to wear in the morning.